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Spring Sessions


We offer year round skill sessions for players to continue to enhance their skills.  Sessions usually run in the fall, winter, spring and summer.  Our focus is on the main skill sets; ball handling, shooting, finishing, and offensive footwork.  We also do private and semi private training for one on one and small groups or teams.

We can also come to your gym, we do on the road training around the state. This can be as a 2-3 day camp or a weekly 4-6 week session.  Contact us to set something up.

skill sessions

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  • Shooting

    We are well known for our shooting system.  Our focus in developing shooters is to provide a solid foundation based on technique, alignment, and focus.  

  • Ball Handling

    Our ballhandling work is a combination of dribbling and passing.  We believe that to become a good ball handler you need to get the ball to the correct spot on the floor whether by dribble or pass.  We work on change of direction, change of pace, passing with both hands, and seeing the floor.

  • Finishes/Layups

    Finishing around the basket can come in many different forms and techniques.  From simple 1-foot standard layups, to 2-foot power finishes, to advanced floaters and step throughs; we are going to work on several ways to be successful around the rim.

  • Game Play

    We will also have different sessions set up with different types of game play.  This allows the player to take what they are learning and apply them in game settings.  One of the hardest things to do as a player is apply what you are doing in a game situation against competition.  We try to foster that in some of the leagues we hold, the train and play sessions we hold and through our Team Oklahoma Teams.

  • Monday Mini Camps (Mondays in July)

    Our Monday Mini Camp Series will focus on a different skill set each week.  The purpose is to build on each skill each week culminating to our final session of 3 on 3.  This Mini camp session has been a huge hit in the past and we look forward to a great session this coming summr.

  • Mini Camp 1 July 1st Ball Handling and Finishing

    First up is our Ball Handling and Finishing session.  We will work several different ball handling techniques and then apply and use them as we work on our finishes around the basket.  

    9am-10:30am Ages 8-11

    10:30am-12pm Ages 12-up

  • Mini Camp 2 July 8th Shooting

    Our second minicamp session will focus on shooting.  Mainly breaking down the mechanics of the shot.  We will work stationary shooting, form shooting, and shooting off the catch. 

    9am-10:30am Ages 8-11

    10:30am-12pm Ages 12-up

  • Mini Camp 3 July 15th Shooting (2)

    Session 3 will be a continuation of our shooting work.  Now we will be adding footwork so players can learn to shoot off the dribble whether they are going to their right or to their left.

    9am-10:30am Ages 8-11

    10:30am-12pm Ages 12-Up

  • Mini Camp 4 July 22nd 3on3 Concepts

    We get to the final week of our session, and we will be working on 3 on 3 concepts.  How to play the game and understanding space and how to get your shot off and how to get your teammates shots.  We add all of the previous elements from the other mini camps and combine them all into one and learn how to play.

    9am-10:30am Ages 8-11

    10:30am-12pm Ages 12-Up

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